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Microsoft Is Removing Windows 10’s “3D Objects” Folder


As you know, Microsoft added the 3D Objects feature to the Windows 10 operating system with the update released a few years ago. However, this move of Microsoft, which focused on 3D, was met with reaction from many users. The software giant that received reaction from the users began to silently remove these 3D features from the operating system.

Remember when Microsoft was obsessed with adding “3D” features to Windows 10? From Paint 3D to 3D effects in the Photos app, it was endless. The “3D Objects” folder is an artifact from those days, and Microsoft is finally getting rid of it.

3D Obj

Although these features, which were reacted by users, were gradually removed, 3D Objects remained in the operating system. This application, which does not have any functionality, is not only useless, but also very difficult to hide. This useless application to which users react appears in areas such as the Start Menu and Taskbar.

However, with the Insider compilation published on February 24, 2021, we see that Microsoft hides this file by default, which is very difficult to delete and draw a tray for users.

With the 21H2 update, which is expected to be released towards the end of this year, we witness that the software giant will keep the application out of sight even though it does not completely remove the application. In addition, it is among the shared information that this file can be accessed from the Users section after the update.

The 3D Objects folder isn’t technically going away—it’s being hidden. You can still find it in your user account folder. In other words, if your user account is named Chris, you’ll find it at C:\Users\Chris\3D Objects.

However, it’s being removed from its top-tier position with all the other important folders you see every time you launch File Explorer. If you never touch the 3D Objects folder, it’s just an empty, hidden folder you’ll never have to see again.


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