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Hitman 3 Review

Hitma 3

Hitman, one of the best stealth games, is here with the last game of the trilogy. This time we have more alternatives than ever to eliminate the target.

Everyone loves action-packed games. But of course, the place for those with a privacy theme is another. Our game adventure that started with Metal Gear Solid and continued with Thief, Splinter Cell and Dishonored in the search for another similar game, finally ended with Hitman. In our opinion, this is the best series in terms of privacy, but it is not right to say that every Hitman game since 2000 is also good. After a period of ups and downs, the series started over with a mild change that did not spoil the character much in 2016, and then in 2018, the formula of Hitman 2 changed slightly. Like everyone else, we were eagerly awaiting Hitman 3, the last game of the trilogy. Finally, we had the opportunity to play the last game of the series on Xbox’s next generation Series S console, one of the first major games of 2021 and a striking example of high quality visuality blended with a high-level privacy formula.

Hitman 3 is not a game with radical changes and major innovations. More improvements have been made to the last two game mechanics, preserving the already successful formula. So if you are a Hitman fan, this is a good thing, but it also means that if you don’t like the previous games and are looking for a change in the new game, you won’t find what you hoped for. Of course, there are some small new additions in the game. For example, the new camera used by number 47 is one of them. However, it wouldn’t be wrong to say that IO Interactive has improved a lot during his time with the Hitman series. Because the new challenges and assassination methods in the new game are among the most interesting we’ve seen so far in the trilogy.

Much of Hitman 3’s beauty lies in its simplicity. The game puts you in the middle of an open-ended mission full of weapons and opportunities scattered all over the place. The only goal is to eliminate targets and occasionally recover some data or destroy something. Those who have played previous Hitman games already know that there is no one way to do this. While looking for a way to approach your goal within the scope of duty, we were always able to reach new opportunities by being in the right place at the right time. In this game, IO Interactive gives players much more freedom to find solutions for themselves. Be sure to complete the task using your own unique method is much more rewarding and this gives you more opportunities to play the game over and over again.

Of course, it is possible to complete the mission by killing it with a silenced gun after locking the target and reaching it quickly. Afterwards, you can quickly leave the scene and finish the episode with a flashy disguise as if nothing had happened. However, we think that doing so would be a great injustice to those magnificent fields of duty created by IO Interactive. It is certain that Hitman 3 has helped players a lot more than the previous two games. You can easily go to the task without examining the briefs in great detail and then solve the case easily. It is possible for you to quickly discover many different methods to reach your goal by simply listening carefully to what is happening around. As Hitman 3 is the last game of the series, it offers a more linear gameplay to quickly collect the story within the existing missions and it does not force the player that much. On the other hand, since Hitman is not a game played for many stories, this is not very important. Even if the story ends, it is possible to play it like a brand new game over and over again.

It is possible to play Hitman 3 by focusing on the goal and finish it in 6-7 hours. However, as we just mentioned, the real value of Hitman 3 lies in repeating each stage. Players have a long list of achievements to overcome, which can make assassinations feel completely different even though they hit the same targets. Increasing the difficulty of a mission unlocks new weapons, items, starting positions and a few other things for you to try. These can make slight differences, as well as change a task from top to bottom.

Visually, Hitman 3 is one of the most beautiful-looking games available on new generation consoles. Each section stands out with a very different feature. We could say that the most impressive is Chongqing, a cyberpunk-style Chinese city with rainy city streets and neon lights. Neon lights add vibrant colors to the gloomy setting and gracefully reflect off puddles to create one of the most flattering styles of the last decade. Although the game will get ray tracing technology on consoles with an update later, we can say that the reflections look good even in this state. But impressive level design is not everything, of course.

Chongqing may be the best looking part, but Dartmoor is the most interesting. Players are tasked with solving a murder mystery similar to the one in the movie Knives Out. I do not want to give details from the story so that it does not have a spoiler, but it was a different task that added color to the Hitman game. It can even become a standalone game when properly expanded.

One of the most interesting things about Hitman 3 is that it offers players the chance to create their own missions. These can be shared with the Hitman 3 community, but we didn’t have a chance to test this. Considering the possibilities, it would not be wrong to say that the life of the game will increase as it gets longer.
Hitman 3 is of course not an error-free game, but none of them are serious enough to ruin the experience. NPCs can sometimes move somewhat erratically and turn plans upside down by taking a different route than usual to where they need to go. In addition, even if you replace one of the characters who have a predetermined interaction with the targets, since the targets do not break the animation routine, you cannot stop them and you may have to follow alternative methods to assassinate. The other big problem with the game is the narration. Hitman 3 is not a game to be played for the story as we mentioned before and if you started the game from this section; It is possible to get lost in sudden jumps between secret organizations, names and places. There are summaries for players who skipped or forgotten previous games, but you might miss the story as the game’s parts barely touch meaningfully anyway. For most people, this probably won’t matter because the main thing here is not the story. Still those hoping for a well-knit story about high-profile goals might be disappointed with what Hitman 3 has to offer. We have to say that too.


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