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Zoom Now More Secure with End-to-End Encryption


Zoom has become an essential part of our lives. However, Zoom, which is constantly in trouble with security problems, continues to work to change this situation. It recently released a new update that encrypts the online meeting network end-to-end.

With Covid-19, 100 thousands of schools and millions of students around the world met with distance education. In this process, online conference systems have also become a part of education life. In this sense, Zoom, the most important player in the market, stood out with its product features. However, some countries stopped using it due to security problems that emerged as the process progressed. At the same time, the number of users who do not prefer it individually is not likely to be underestimated.

The biggest security problem for users using the platform is intruders. In this action called Zoom Bombing, a guest who gains the zoom information suddenly appears in your meeting.

Wanting to get rid of all these security problems, zoom first started by purchasing the Keybase security company. It released the 5x version in which the security infrastructure was completely renewed and changed some default settings. In particular, he made settings such as the session password and waiting room turned on by default.

What is End-to-End Encryption? E2EE i.e. End-to-end encryption
End-to-end encryption (E2EE i.e. End-to-end encryption) is active for both paid and free users. But for Zoom looking to maximize security, this is just the beginning. The next phase will include better identity management and single sign-on. Identity management and single account login support will especially enable corporate customers to use Zoom as a collaboration and collaboration platform. It will also be an important convenience for end users.

What Are the Important Zoom Security Settings for End Users?
If you are using Zoom for training or work, you should be aware of some important security settings. Let’s take a look at the security settings you can access under the Security menu in the Zoom application.

The Waiting Room automatically comes up for the zoom sessions you open. This means that all attendees coming outside of the host wait in a waiting room and are not included in the meeting unless they are accepted by the host.
You can lock your meeting by opening the Lock Meeting option, and nobody can access this meeting except the existing participants anymore.
You can turn off the Share Screen option so that only the host can present.
When scheduling a meeting, the Meeting Pascode option must be active and participants will not be able to attend the meeting without meeting ID and Passcode.
With the latest updates made in Zoom, the waiting room feature is now available. Besides, many more security updates were made.


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