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Is it possible to send messages to myself via Whatsapp?

This is possible actually there are a few practical ways to do this. From time to time you may want to send a photo or information to your whatsapp account and store it for later use. If you have tried this, you must have seen that you have to do it by throwing it into someone else’s whatsapp account. However, you can create a post yourself on whatsapp without the need for anyone’s phone and account.

Self-message by creating a Whatsapp Group

One of the most practical ways to message yourself on whatsapp is to create a whatsapp group just for you. So how is this possible? First, create a whatsapp group. You will need someone else to create a Whatsapp group. To do this, open this group with someone close to you. Later, that person leaves the group or you remove him from the group. In this case, only you will stay in the group. When I did this, I named the group as “I” and whenever I wanted to send myself a document or photo, I can send a message to this group when I write.

Adding Your Own Number to the Directory

First, save your phone number with a name in your phone’s contacts. Again, while I was trying this, I named it “I AM”. Then update your Whatsaapta list, search for the BEN contact and send your message the way you normally send it to others.

Sending Messages with Web Whatsapp

As you know, you can use your whatsapp account from your computer with In this way, it is possible to write messages more comfortably. In order to send yourself a message from, you must first log in to this address and scan the QR code displayed on the screen through the application. For this, you can send your message by entering “**”. Of course, you must first be logged in to the address mentioned above.

Is it possible to disable Read Receipts?

You are very busy and at that moment a message came to your whatsapp, you wondered and read it, but it is not very possible for you to reply immediately. In this case, the blue ticks that appear on the screen of the other party will shout that you have read the message but are ignored and continued life. It is possible to prevent this situation and turn off read receipts. To do this, in the Settings menu, go to Account, then Privacy and turn off Read Receipts.

The only obstacle is that you can no longer buy them for other people.

Yes, the cost of turning off read receipts will be that you cannot see others’ read receipts. If you are a curious person and do not want to lose other people’s read receipts, forget this method and consider our suggestion for another method. Let’s take the event from the beginning, you received a message and you want to read this message, but you do not want the other party to receive a read receipt at that moment. First of all, do not open the incoming message, switch your phone to airplane mode, then open and read the message. This will save you time without giving read receipts in instant emergencies. You will be able to think about the message and then reply.

3. Learn Your Favorite and Closest Friends with Whatsapp

Friendships these days are not measured by loyalty or time, it’s all about how much data you share. WhatsApp has this information – and you can use it to create your own ranked list of your favorite friends. No, nothing strange about that. Moreover, if you click it, you can delete things that take up too much space in bulk.

How Do I: Go to Storage Usage under Data and Storage Usage from the Settings menu and you will see a list of your most important groups and contacts sorted by the data you spend. Yes, now you can see how much data (interest) you have spent on whom 🙂

4. You Can Hide Your Profile Picture In Whatsapp

You may want to hide your profile photo. There could be thousands of reasons for this. We leave the reason to you and share the method below.

How Do I: Go to the Privacy section of the Settings menu and then to the Nobody section from the Profile Photo option.

5.Switch to Incognito Mode on Whatsapp
If people can see when you were last online, you won’t be able to avoid replying to messages, so turn off WhatsApp’s incognito mode. Now you can ignore people in your spare time …

How Do I: This is in the Privacy menu, under Recently Seen, and you can either hide it from everyone or allow only your contacts to see your activity.

6. Creating Bold, Italic or Underline Messages on Whatsapp

It’s been around for a while, but you’d be surprised how many people don’t know this awesome WhatsApp trick.

Put an asterisk (*) at the beginning and end of the word or phrase you want and you can make it bold. So if you want to make the word match bold, you have to type * match *. The same is true for italics, but instead of using both ys of the requested text

7. Add Important or Frequently Chatted People to Your Phone’s Home Screen

WhatsApp also allows you to add contacts to your home screen – ideal for important contacts and other frequent contacts.

To add a chat to your phone’s home screen, open the contact or group in question, then tap the three dots menu in the upper right corner. Visit More> Add shortcut here. Then simply tap Add or press and hold the icon to place it on your home screen automatically.

8. How to Perform Live Location Tracking on Whatsapp

Tap the paper clip icon in the message area and send a location pin like the selection, WhatsApp is pretty simple Location. But what if you want your partner or parents to track your movement in real time? Thankfully, this is really something, it’s one of the best WhatsApp tricks for parents and people with helicopter parents.

You can do this by tapping the paper clip icon. From there, tap Location> Share live location and specify the time to watch, from 15 minutes to eight hours. Don’t worry, you can manually cancel location tracking at any time.

9. Mute people or groups

The average WhatsApp user has a lot of contacts, so it’s understandable if you’re feeling a little overwhelmed by message alerts. Fortunately, there is at least one way to separate wheat from chaff into custom notices.

To create a custom notification, you need to enter a conversation with the person you want. From here, you need to tap on its name at the top of the chat window and select C ustom notifications.

Once you’re inside this menu, you’ll want to check the box labeled Use custom notifications and scroll to the next field to customize the alert. Customization options include changing the message sound and setting the LED notification color for the contact.

10. Join Whatsapp Beta Program, Try Innovations First

You must first join the beta program to get new features. This also means you risk encountering bugs and other flaws, so keep that in mind.

To sign up for beta access, visit the WhatsApp page in the Google Play Store and scroll down to the Become a Beta tester section at the bottom. Tap the I’m on button and then you will be registered to the beta program. Updating to the beta version works like a regular Play Store app update as you tap the “update” button to get the latest version of the app.

If you want to leave the beta, you can do so at any time by tapping the Leave button, which replaces “I Exist” as shown in the image above.


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