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Making Money By Playing Games “World of Warcraft”


We all play games for fun. We even pay for some duties or privileges while playing these games. But there is a truth that most of us do not know. We can make money while playing games. Nowadays, many popular games give us the chance to make money. It is possible to earn a lot of money especially from games that are very popular.

What Game I Play I Can Make Money

First of all, you should look at which game you enjoy, which game you are successful in. You have to be really good at that game to make a significant amount of money, and you have to really enjoy that game to be able to play for long hours.

WOW (World of Warcraft)

The game we will discuss in this article is World of Warcraft, where you can actually earn a living. So Why You Can Earn More Money With WOW.

WOW has a very important history. It’s a well-established and widespread game that has been played for over 11 years. As you can see, the seat is very solid and there is a large audience where you can sell the materials you get from there. There are many ways to make money with WOW, but if you follow exactly the right way, you can earn a lot.

Making Money with Twitch Streams

You can make money with Twitch in many ways. A nice way to make money on the World of Warcraft game is with twitch streaming. When people like your broadcast, they will watch it. When they like your comments, play style, posts, they will subscribe to you and will follow you. Although WOW is a very old game, people still find different ways to have fun with this game.

How Can I Stream on Twitch?

Twitch offers a variety of subscription systems, and people follow through these subscription systems to follow you. It also has an advertising system just like google ads, and you also earn money from the ads in your posts. You can reach our article “How to make easy money on Twitch” in which all the details of Twitch broadcasting and the tricks of making money are explained.

I Don’t Want Live Broadcast, I Love Youtube

Maybe you are not that good on live broadcast or it is not for you. You can prepare videos that you will make and edit in advance, add special effects and dubbing, and upload them to your youtube channel. It is also very possible to save and upload your games on youtube and earn money from youtube views.

You can record and broadcast your games, create game guides, share various game information, and create custom clips. Because any video you make with WOW has a considerable audience all over the world.

Gold rush!

WOW For those who like to play, you can turn to gold farming, which is open-ended and in full control. A system that works with the logic of how much work is more money. This system has no ads, no tracking, no subscription. All the dexterity is in your game skill, diligence and patience.

Here, what you will give in exchange for gold is your watches. To produce gold for hours, you have to be at the screen and have fingers dancing on the keyboard and of course patience. You can easily sell the virtual gold you have produced with this agricultural work on many platforms over the internet. People use these gold coins to get additional features in their games or for subscription fees.

Game Playing Service

Many people do not want to play weak characters in the early stages of the game and want to use a strong character as soon as possible. Those who want to have a fully prepared character pay good actors. By playing for them, you strengthen their characters, and you can get a certain fee in return.

Play, Strengthen Character and Sell Account

It is a common way of making money in WoW. Creating an account is extremely easy. If you have a good account, hundreds of people will want to get it. Even the agents of this business will knock on your door, so there will be those who want to buy from you and sell to someone else.

You Can Sell Items In-Game

World of Warcraft includes a great market to sell and buy items in the game. In this market, you can shop for real money as well as for gold you earn by farming gold. Most importantly, you can sell all the items you acquire, produce and earn in the game. However, there is an important point if you want to sell these items for wow gold, no problem, you can use the market. If you want to sell for real money then you should use different platforms or sell on your own platforms such as social media, personal website.

It is very easy to make money with World of Warcraft. Moreover, it is a process that does not require any investment. When we say it doesn’t require investment, we’re not even saying that you have to have a good computer. This is an indispensable requirement for games.

It is very important that you master the game, spend time, follow trends and new updates.


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